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Who we are

We're an inventive global nutrition company that produces organic herbal supplements to support your health.

We believe that being healthy makes us happy. But staying healthy in today's busy world is easier said than done, right? Don't worry, we got your back! It's our goal to support you with high-quality supplements that make you a healthier, happier person.

Where it all started

Our roots date back to many generations, to the love and wisdom our great-grandparents held for natural medicinal plants. With the limited resources at the time to maintain strong health, they harnessed the healing power of the plants from their own garden and developed an immune strengthening herbal recipe. Passed from one generation to the next, this alfalfa-based formula effectively helped to fight off outside invaders like bacteria and viruses, resulting in strong health.

In 2016, the family’s younger generation embarked on a journey to bring this powerful herbal formula to millions of people in the world. We brought our 200 years old farm back to life in a middle of a Nordic forest where our great-grandparents used to live and built a sustainable, eco-friendly seed-to-shelf factory to transform generation old wisdom into the Immunity Boost supplement, a modern treasure from the past.

Today, we're a global nutrition company bringing you clean and authentic health supporting supplements to hep millions of people live healthier life.

BioNor Health. Your health from Nordic wealth.

Quality from the Nordics

The clean air and nature is a real trophy of the Nordics and nothing makes us happier than bridging the nutritious gap between you and the purest nature in the world. In the middle of great forestry in Saaremaa, an island in Estonia, we have our own Nordic farm where our local farmers seed the ingredients, harvest them and sort the material to deliver the quality we have promised to you. All our ingredients are either organically grown in our farm or sourced from one of our trusted partners. We operate under controlled organic farming guidelines in accordance with the European Union regulations. We're also committed to limit our impact on the environment, so we have switched to fully recyclable cartons. We also constantly improving to preserve our beautiful nature.

Carefully formulated products

At BioNor Health, we leverage the unique healing properties of plants and design authentic formulas to achieve a bioavailable product that allows your body to easily absorb the nutrients. Behind every product there is substantial research done by our in-house team to understand every ingredient down to the smallest detail. We focus on plants that are backed with clinical studies done on humans and take testing seriously. Everything we produce is tested for microbial and other contaminants to ensure the safety and purity of our products. In the development process, we work closely with industry experts and take their advice. Our lead expert is Dr. Mart Saarma who is an acknowledged biotechnologist at the University of Helsinki.

We're proud of our high-quality supplements and the time-honored ingredients inside. Because you deserve to know it all, we welcome you to meet the ingredients.